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We offer both standard and horizontally polarized antennas to maximize wireless coverage and stay connected. Our 2.4 Ghz horizontally polarized omni antenna can increase the effective range coverage over vertically polarized roof mount antennas when in a horizontally polarized system environment. Test our antenna and see the difference.


A variety of antenna mounting options are available such as roof mount, trunk and fender mounting.

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Horizontal Polarized antenna specifications:

Frequency Band
2.4 to 2.475 GHz
Antenna Gain:Ground Plane
2 dBi at 3° elevation above gnd plane
Antenna Gain:No Ground
2 dBi max at horizon
Nominal Impedance
50 Ohms
Maximum Tx Power
2 Watts
Antenna Height
18 Inches
Temperature Range
-40° to 149°F Operating
Wind Survival
145 MPH

Horizontally Polarized Antenna

Roof Mount