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Tablets and Wireless Computers

A wide variety of mobile computers that can be hand held or installed on vehicles such as forklifts and trucks. Before selecting a device, much consideration should take into account on what the operational requirements are.

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Rugged Tablets

1. Motorola ET1
2. Janam XT1
3. DLI 8400
4. DAP MT1010
5. Panasonic Toughpad
6. DT313H

Vehicle Mount Computers

1. Motorola VC6090
2. Motorola VH10
3. DLI 8500
4. DLI 9300
5. Honeywell Thor
6. JLT1214N

Rugged Laptops

1. Panasonic ToughBook

Mounted Touch Screen (All in One) Computers

1. DT500T series – 15 to 24” Displays